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Kellison PSO Meeting Agenda 10-11-23

Kellison PSO Meeting Agenda 10-11-23

Kellison Elementary

PSO Board Meeting 10-11-23 

I. Welcome = Dr. Dickens & Kellison PSO President

II. Prop 3 Presentation = Dr. Cain Rockwood Superintendent

III. Approval of September Minutes

IV. Reports 

A. Principals = Dr. Dickens & Mrs. Fischer

B. Treasurer = Miranda 

C. VP of Fundraising = Stephanie

D. Book Fair = Emily 

E. Restaurant Nights = Jessica Wolbert

F. VPs of DEI = Christy & Suzi

G. VP of School Support = Nicki

H. 5th Grade Activities = Colleen & Melissa 

I. Teacher TLC = Nicki & Jen

J. VP of Community Involvement = Shannon

K. Communications = Jessi 

L. Staff = Lizzie 

M. President = Alicia 

IV. Unfinished Business

V. New Business

VI. Adjournment


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