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Volunteers and Committees

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that you can help out at Kellison.  Everyone has busy schedules and you may not feel you have the time to volunteer. There are opportunities that can fit all people's schedules. Please look through the list of opportunities and click on one to get additional details as to what is involved. Please consider lending your time and talents to Kellison so that we may be a strong partnership in your child's education!


Help Kellison kids and parents find books, straighten shelves, and monitor 5th-grade helpers on cash registers.

Our annual fall fundraiser is a fun run for our students. Friends and family members pledge a certain amount of money for each lap their child runs.


Our annual summer fundraiser is a great day on the course for adults. Lunch and dinner is provided, and fun time is guaranteed..


Kellison boys bring their moms or other significant adult in their life for a casual evening of games, snacks, and fun.


Kids get to invite one special adult for a night of snacks and fun at Kellison.